Cancelled 2020 - do to covid-19

Are you ready for Europes biggest event of Academic Art of Riding.
"Fair to the horse 2020".
It will take place here at HorseVision Sweden 26-28 june -20.
Tickets are now available
During this event you will get to see a lot of experienced horses and riders.
 Masters will give lectures and demos. Marius Schneider, Bent Branderup and of course our very own Christofer Dahlgren.
You will also get to see demos and theory lectures by Stine Larsen, Hanna Engström, Anna Lindh, Maria Norberg, Cecilia Mûller, Monika Sander and Lobelia Barker. Liberty Show with Rebecca Dahlgren, Jonna Dahlgren, Åsa Cidh and many more...
AND there will be a lot of Exhibitiors!
Don't miss this event!
For more information please visit:
Email Mia at

The 2015 Horse Vision festival had nearly 400 visitors,
will you help us beat this in 2018?