Build up a relationship where you and your pony trust each other in almost any situation.

(Note, to do the test, you have to finish agility riding step 2 first).

Adventure riding step 1
(Note, this test, starts after finishing Agility ground step 2).

Bitles bridle, Cavasson or Halter (mandatory). Ridden with loose reins.
Neck rope / Cordeo + 1 or 2 sticks/dressage whip.

Specific part Adventure step 1: 
(All exercises are ridden and shown on a figure eight).
  • Ride with a tarpaulin in your hand, dragging behind your horse, in both walk and trot. 
  • Put the tarpaulin on the ground and ask your horse to walk over it. 
  • Figure eight with one umbrella in your hand in walk and trot.
  • Ride with a torch in your hand walk and trot.
  • Optional, ride by a small fire on the ground, or walk through  low water. 

Adventure riding step 2

Neck rope / Cordeo , 1-2 stick / dressage whips. 
Parts specific step 2: (ask an additional rider to help you through the test ).
  • Ride on a circle and throw a ball back and forth in trot While the horse stays relaxed on the circle. 
  • Ride with a sword ( can be a branch or whip) towards an opponent in trot and canter. Let the swords have contact without frightening your horse. 
  • Ride thru a "wall". (a hanging sheet 30 cm from the ground) In walk.