Hi there! It makes us happy that you are interested in knowing more about the the liberty-tree. Here we will try to explain what the regulations are,  how to do the tests and in which order you can start.

The different tests

In total there is 7 different types of tests. Among these, there is four types you can start with. (Agility ground, Agility riding, Balance ground, Balance riding).The other three types ( Team training, Adventure, Trick riding) is available after you completed step 1 and 2 in one of the four basic types first. Find out more in the "Liberty Tree", side. 

In the tests, there is an "introduction part" and one part that is specific for that particular test. If you want to do a test, you start with the intro-part to show that you have a relaxed foundation but also to get time to find the connection and get ready. 

When you have done the introduction you start with the specific parts for the test. In which order you do the specific parts doesn't matter. In which order you do the specific tasks is something you choose in the way that suits you and your horse the best.  
 If you want to know more about what's included in a specific test, you can go to "liberty-tree" and klick on the test you are interested in. There you find both which maneuvers that's included but also what equipment to use for that specific test. 


Helmet should be used in all ridden test. From the ground it´s optional, all though recommended.  

It is different recomended equipment in different tests. Make sure you read more, in the sertain test information link before you start. 

All test will be made without a halter or bridle ( if nothing ells is written). 
Neck rope / cordeo is allowed in all test, both ground and riding. 

You can also use one or two sticks / whips in your choosen lenght, for helping guide the horse thru the exercise. 

In the ridden tests, you can use a riding pad, saddle of your choice or completely barback, depending on what you and your horse prefer ( if nothing ells is written in the certen test).  

You are allowed to switch equipment in between the exercises. For example, maybe you prefer one long and one short stick in one exercise, but only one long in another. 
What ever is most helpful for your horse is preferred. 

You can read more about the certen equipment on each type of test. If you click on the link "Liberty Tree" and than choose one test to read more about. 

Confirmation and aids.

In all the tests, your confirmation towards your horse is the most vallued act. 

As soon as you see that your horse understands and try, we would like to see that you show your appreciation. It can be an encouraging word, a paus, good scratch or a cookie.  

Your aids and signals towards your horse is opptional, for exempel seat, leg, voice, stick and body language ( unless something ells is written in the specific test). What matter the most, is that your horse finds it easy to understand your aid and to stay in a relaxed state of mind.


In all tests, the main priority is that you and your horse can show  a good harmony together. The rider take care to give confirmations every time the horse respond to the questions. And the horse finds it easy to stay in a relaxed state of mind during the test.
What will make a test not approved:

  • The horse bites towards the rider or the equipment. (a sign that he feels insecure). 
  • If your horse swiching constantly with his tail, put the ears too much back, pushing the human or in any way shows that he is uncomfortable in the situation. 
  • If your horse walks away from you more than two times. Its alright if your horse leves for one time or two, it can happend if he feels that you are nervous or in any way raising your own stress level. Of course other things around the area also can make the horse feel stressed and walk away. But if it happens repeatedly the horse might not be ready for the situation. 
  • If you have to pull hard or keep a constant pressure in the equipment like neck rope/ cordeo och halter, its not approved. It is allowed to hold on and release. But not a constant pull.  
  •  If you are not satisfied with one of the tasks and like to do it again. Thats allowed. But if you do it over and over, and still fail, your horse might not be ready. 

Congratulations you made it!

We can see that you have spent a lot of time with your horse and focused on your relationship. Your horse looks relaxed and comfortable next to you. Together you will be able to reach your dreams no matter if its one test or maybe all? 
Don´t be afraid to start the next step on your journey. When you challange your self, your connection to your horse will grow. 

The next adventure is waiting for you!  -Dare to dream big!

Booking and payment?

Thank you for taking intressed in booking a test. And while doing so, taking your relationship one step further. 

Start your booking, with inform Rebecca, Stinelo or Jonna that you would like to do the test. 

The test is made during a regular lesson. 
You can make the test online, out on a clinic or here at HorseVision. (We dont take pre recorded films). Its important for us to see you live. Even though it might be online. 

You have the whole lesson time, 30 minutes to make all the steps. 

Payment is the same as for your regular lesson as well. 

If you make the test, you will get an certification to hang on your wall or post on socialmedia. On the certificate you can read the name of your horse and you. The date and place where you made it. 
For every new test, you will get another certificate with all your succeeded tests and times on one. 
If you make all the tests in one group you will be rewarded with an extra award. 

But first of all, we hope that this tests, will give you more inspiration and a well spended time together with your horse.

Let your relationship grow - Liberty Tree.