The Horse Vision BOOK

Activate your horse with HORSE VISION
Tricktraining - Liberty Dressage - Horsemanship
(Please note that the book is written in Swedish!)

• Preface

• Why trick training and liberty dressage?

• The language of the horse

• Teaching methods

• Planning a training session

• Choosing a horse

• How do I start with liberty dressage?

• Practical exercises

• Exercises with your horse

• Trick training

• Common mistakes

• Trailer loading and hard to catch-horses - common everyday problems

• Conclusion

Book information:
Title: Aktivera din häst med Horse Vision
ISBN: 978-91-637-1213-5
Language: Swedish
(We are working on an English translation)
Pages: 142
Format: 240 X 190 mm
Cover: Paper 250 gr

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