Welcome as a Week Student!

A quick way to big results!

  • Stay sunday-friday (lessons monday-friday).
  • Every lesson is individual and approx. 30 min.
  • The week include two lessons each day, one Academic Art of Riding
    and one Liberty Dressage
  • The lessons are held between 8 am - 2 pm, the daily schedule
    is determined from day to day.
  • The training is taking place in the riding arena or paddock (you decide).
  • After 4 pm the riding arena/paddock is at your disposal, if
    you would like to practice on your homework.
  • Your horse is assigned its own stall (with bedding) and paddock. You care for your own horse, ie cleaning out the stall, let out and take in from the paddock and so on.
  • It is possible to buy hay/silage, 10 euros/day.
  • Please take the opportunity to watch the other week students' lessons or when Rebecca, Christofer and Stinelo train their own horses.
  • Price: Week with Rebecca & Christofer 800 euro  
  • Two lessons are always included each day
  •  It is not possible to book two lessons a day for the same instructor.
  • Book by e-mailing info@horse-vision.se.
    Please specify which week you wish to book.
  • When you received our confirmation deposit half the price 
  • price 400 euro ( Christofer, Rebecca, Stinelo)
  •  Important! Mark your deposit with your name, phone number and your week. This booking fee is NOT refundable if you cancel your place, however you can arrange yourself with a substitute if you wish.
  • For payments from abroad:
    IBAN: SE05 6000 0000 0007 2240 2228
    Swift: HANDSESS
  • The rest of the fee is due one week before you arrive.
  • Please note that if you bring two horses you need to book two places.
  • Any hay/silage or equipment is charged later.
  • Please arrive before 8 pm on sunday.
    Later there won't be anyone in the stables to welcome you.