Liberty Tree - Let your relationship grow.
To find a deeper relationship, a good way to start, is to develop your common language. A fun and easy way to do so, is  to spend more time together with your horse. 

While doing so, you can try to explain new exercises to find more ways to comunicate. That will help your language to grow.  

Thru this Liberty Tree, we hope to give you a big dose of inspiration to start.

Choose that path that attracts you the most, or perhaps try them all.

You can use this education plan if you want to get more inspiration in to your daily training. 
If you want to get a better view, what exercises that guides you and your pony in what direction. Go further down on this page and find out. 

Maybe you are motivated by competitions, or to measure your own progress?
If so, you are welcome to make the tests we have created for every archived step. 
The tests can be made online, on clinics or here at HorseVision.  ( No pre recorded films).

But of course, you are more than welcome to play with your horse and follow this path, even though you don't want to make a test. Perhaps you find it to stressful but still want to grow your relationship with your horse. 

All suggested exercises is possible to teach your horse both with negative and positive reinforcement, or with a mix in between. 

The important part is that your horse feels safe and relaxed while figuring out the tasks. And that both of you feels comfortable while having fun. 

// HorseVision with team.