A fun and challenging part, for you who wish to develop your trust towards your horse, and your own balance in a fun way.  

(Note, you can do this test after finished Agility riding step 3 to make sure to have the necessary foundation)

Trick-riding step 1
Note, this test is available for you who have passed Agility riding step 3. 

A thick riding pad to protect the back of your horse or a western pad is mandatory. 
Bitless bridle, cavesson or halter. 
Specific part in step 1:
  • Turn 360 degree around on the back of your horse, while your horse is standing still relaxed. 
  • Stand up on the back of your horse one lap in walk.
  • Stand halfway up, in trot, one lap.
  • Pick up a subject in the level of your horse knee, while horse standing still. ( Use a saddle, to learn the proper technic and to avoid putting your heal into the side of the horse).

Trick-riding step 2

Use a thick riding pad or a western pad to protect the back of your horse.
Bitless bridle, cavesson or halter.
Specific parts level 2:
  • Stand up in trot on the back of your horse, ride the pattern of figure eight. Ok to hold your balance further out in the mane and turn soft with the reins. 
  • Stand half way up in canter, one lap on the circle. 
  • Turn easy backwards in standing still.
  • Pick up a subjekt from the ground 30 cm big. Use a saddle to learn the proper technic.