Would you like to be one of us, one of Team Horse Vision?

Every year, Rebecca, Christofer, Therese & Stinelo choose 8 students who they would like to invite to join our TEAM Horse Vision.
Would you like to join to??

  • The requirements to be under consideration are:
  • Your are taking lessons from us, at least 3 times per year.
  • You have achieved minium level 3 in AAR or LD. This refers to the different levels on our intensive courses. However, the intensive courses are not compulsory as long as you have the same level of knowledge with your horse.
  • You are taking lessons in both LB and AAR from any of our instruktors.
  • You show nice harmony together with your horse.
  • 1th of March, we let you know the name of the choosen ones on this side, at FB and thrue email to the new invited.
  • The price is 200 eur, one time costs, if you choose to join after the invitation.  
  • What are the benefits as a member?
  • You will be signed up as one of our Team on our homepage.
  • You and your horse will be invited to ride in our HorseVision Festival.
  • You will (same week as the festival) get the opportunity to have pictures taken of you and your horse by our professional photagrapher, Zahlo Photo. The pictures will be used in marketing, but you will also get the opportunity to buy pictures for your own use if you like.  
  • You are welcome to our New Year-party here in Hellekis (without your horse)  every year, if you like to come! And of course your family is welcome to.
  • You will be given a HorseVision-jacket.
  • No, you don't have to do any test... we evaluate your daily training in harmony with your horse.
  • Can I leave Team Horse Vision?
  • Yes, you can. Just send us a message.
  • If you don't have the possibillity to see us for a long time you will automatically be taken out of the Team.
  • The memberfee will not be given back.

We are waiting for you!!