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Christofer are fully booked and can not have more organizers at the moment.

Rebecca have a few weekends still available.

Do you want to host a clinic at your place?


Weekend Clinics 2023


Christofer   29  Gesta/Strängnäs   Maria Norberg     rollingranch@gmail.com 
Christofer   12 Norway               Ronja Jahnsen HorseClue   horseclue@outlook.com  
Christofer   4-5  Hungary       Istvan Göblyös  goblyos@gmail.com
Rebecca    18-19   Hungary       Evelin Sarvari akademistaszemlelet@gmail.com
Christofer   25-26   Germany       Corinna Reubold mail@corinna-lixfeld.de
Rebecca   1-2   Denmark/Roskilde  Maria D Cheung kontakt@balancedequineart.dk
Christofoer  5        Växsjö         Ulrika Berglund ulrika72.berglund@gmail.com
Äventyrsbana 6-8        HORSEVISION    Vi öppnar Äventyrsbanan - info@horse-vision.se
Christofer     15-16    Denmark       Monika Skovly Ridcenter mail@skovly-ridecenter.dk
BENT   22-23    HORSEVISION    Vi arrangerar kurs med Bent. info@horse-vision.se

Christofer   29-30    Germany      Anna Niering anna.niering@gmx.de
Christofer  13-14  North Finland    Sensitive Riders sensitiveridersrf@gmail.com
Rebecca  20-21   Austria       Anna Eichinger eichinger.anna@gmail.com  

Christofer  27-28    South Finland    Annica Lundkvist annica@hotmail.fi
Christofer 3-4     Denmark   Dorthe Skoldager Nielssen thomasdorthe@email.dk
Christofer  6      Vikbolandet    Emma Eskilsson emma.ekhult@gmail.com 
Rebecca 10-11      Germany     Gerlinde Schnapperelle g.schnapperelle@t-online.de
Christofer   17-18    Germany      Verena Harum verena.harum@gmail.com
Rebecca  15-16      Denmark        Mette Hoier mettehoier@hotmail.com
Christofer 22-23     Luxemburg      Annick Kihn  kihnannick@yahoo.com
Christofer & Rebecca   26-27   Norway       Stine Larssen hestevisjon@icloud.com
Rebecca 9-10     Denmark        Maria D Cheung kontakt@balancedequineart.dk
Christofer 16-17     Denmark        Dorthe Skoldager Nielssen thomasdorthe@email.dk
Christofer 30-1   Germany        Susanne Belz susanne-belz@web.de

Christofer 14-15        Austria         Anna Eichinger eichinger.anna@gmail.com    
Christofer 28-29  Netherland       Judith van Esch info@dedistelhoeve.nl
Christofer 12    Ärla/ Eskilstuna       Maria Ullerud maria.agronom@hotmail.com
Christofer 26     Gesta /stallarholmen     Maria Norberg rollingranch@gmail.com
Christofer 2-3   Polen          Justyna Rucinska justynaruc@gmail.com
Christofer 16-17      Czech Republic              Tereza Kucharska      zoeinka@seznam.cz

Weekend-Clinic outline:

Christofer for Academic class in europe
9 am - 5 pm saturday
6 individual lessons before lunch, 30 min each
Lunch 30 min
Theory/questions 1h
6 individual lessons after lunch, 30 min each
9 am -1 pm sunday
6 individual lessons before lunch, 30 min each
and a short summary after.
weekend clinic- two days in a row, price is total 2.500 EUR exkl V.A.T.
12 lessons saturday (day 1) and 6 lessons sunday (day 2) = 18 lessons.
1 Theory hour + 1 summary after the class.

Rebecca for Liberty class in europe
10 individual lessons 30 min each ( or 12 individual lessons)
Theory 1h
5 individual lessons 30 min each (or 6 individual lessons)
just a short summary 30 min, after the last lesson.
weekend clinic- two days in a row, price is total  exkl V.A.T.
= 15 lessons + 1 Theory hour + 1 summary. 1.800 euro
 = 18 lessons + 1 Theory hour + summary = 2.160 euro

  • The payment for the clinic is due 5 days before the start of the clinic.
  • Let us know, if you need an invoice/receipt.
  • IBAN: SE05 6000 0000 0007 2240 2228
    Swift: HANDSESS
  • The organizer book and pay for the hotelrom (with toilet, shower and breakfast.)
  • The organizer book and pay for the flight ( from Landvetter airport, Gothenburg, Sweden)
  • We arrive Friday evening, and go home Sunday afternoon.
    You are not allowed to give the clinic away to a new organizer. In case of cancelation, we choose the new organizer and location.
  • As the organizer you set the fee for the participants yourself. You also decide yourself if you want to welcome spectators or not.
  • We give clinics all over Europe. If transport by plane, ferry or train is needed this additional cost will be paid by the organizer.
  • Prices are written V.A.T not included.
  • You as the organizer is economically responsible towards us, which means that if participants cancel late you need to demand they still pay half their fee or arrange with a substitute. This is to make it economically safer for you in case you need to cancel the clinic due to participants dropping out.
  • We strongly recommend that your book participants in the order they pay their fee. According to experience, participants who have not paid in advance are more likely to cancel late. This is only to make things easier for you!